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I'm super excited to be featuring Marcie and Josh's New Hampshire wedding on WedLoft today.  Brianna Cox Photography recently sent over photos from this winery wedding and I couldn't wait to share them here! The bride and groom worked with local vendors and planned a beautiful celebration surrounded by cl... read more

I’m super excited to be featuring Marcie and Josh’s New Hampshire wedding on WedLoft today. ¬ Brianna Cox Photography recently sent over photos from this winery wedding and I couldn’t wait to share them here!

The bride and groom worked with local vendors and planned a beautiful celebration surrounded by close family and friends. ¬†Read below as Marcie fills you in on how it all came together…

Bridal Photos
Bridal Portraits

Marcie:¬ Josh and I have been friends since elementary school, and that seems to be the first thing anyone always has to say about it. It’s true though. We skipped recess to play chess in the library, and survived high school, and have a variety of photos documenting all the more awkward years of our adolescence to show for it. Some of the school photos have that awesome laser background finish.

It’s really been a perfect fit, coming together as a couple we have most enjoyed each other’s company out doors. Hiking being one of our favorite pass times along with kayaking, snow-shoeing, and so on. When it came time to plan this wedding we were just really keen on making sure everyone had a good time, and that it reflected our love for each other. We wanted people to look good but feel relaxed, and somehow strike that balance between “put on your Sunday best” and “foot-stomping love-fest.” We were so thankful for the commitment of our wedding party, it felt really important to let them design their own look. None of us has the dough to blow on a dress that’s going to live in the back of the closet, and so Josh (with his exquisite knowledge of color) put together a pallet for our attendants and we just said “Here are some colors. Only buy something if you will wear it again.”

We were very lucky to have overwhelming family support, meaning that we met very few challenges along the way with regards to expectations, traditions, and so on. We felt free to establish our own tradition, and so we just pulled from favorite things that we share. Wind-chimes from out home, I made the prayer flags from dyed burlap, paper lanterns and twinkle lights. Nothing you haven’t seen on pinterest before, and I’m ok with that. We struck the feel we wanted and I think our guests felt at home.

Wildflower Wedding Decor
Wedding First Look
Mixed Bridesmaids Dresses

Stumbling upon Flag Hill was the unlocking to many other decisions for the ceremony and reception. Christine Falbe (of Flag Hill Winery) had amazing feedback about where to go for exactly what we wanted. “oh you mean you want wildflowers? Well I know this lovely farmer right up the street who seeds her own gardens.” (literally.) “Yes! We can absolutely do pies instead of cake- there’s a fabulous orchard five minutes from here, they run their own bakery!”

It was happy accident that we wound up supporting local for all of our vendors, and so we kept in that vain from top to bottom. I think the best thing you can say is that the wedding became this community effort. I designed my dress and my mother spent the last year making it, from buying the fabric at mood on a trip to NYC, to sewing on the pearl trim from her own wedding gown. She poured so much love into every stitch, and alteration; and how she ever figured out that dance-ready train I’ll never know. #somekindagypsyscience

A family friend wanted to donate the soaps from Ipswich Bay Soap Co. as a wedding gift (one of my all-time favorites- I grab their soap anywhere I can buy it!) and the rest of the details likewise came together through home-spun effort and local connections. Dave Prentice (our officiant) was instrumental in helping us put together the ceremony we wanted to have. His spirit and loving nature kept us present and calm and focussed on one another. When all was said and done I think we struck the mark we were going for. So many beautiful, kind, warm people came to celebrate with us from all over the states. We had a guest all the way from London, though I think Nick B. won furthest distance coming from Thailand to be a groomsman. It was a beautiful coming together and to see so many loved ones in one place at one time was (of course overwhelming) but affirming above all.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Winery Wedding
Wedding Party Photos
Funny Wedding Party Photos
Winery Wedding
Bride and Groom Entrance
Wedding Reception
Tented Wedding Reception
Bride & Groom

More photos from this beautiful wedding day can be found over on Brianna’s Blog.

Photographer: Brianna Cox Photography | Wedding dress: Original Design: (Marcie designed it, her mother Carol McKenzie made it from scratch!) | Bridesmaid dresses: Various, Girls chose their own | Hair & Make-up: Acorn Organics Exeter, NH | Florist: Tina Fottler Sawtelle Pinewood Yankee Farm | Ceremony: David Prentice presiding (Gloucester native and family friend!) | Reception venue: Flag Hill Winery + Distillery | Pies: Diana from Demeritt Hill Farms in Lee, NH. The fruit that filled the pies were grown in their orchard, picked fresh, and baked the night before! | Band | Forte Point Ramblers

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