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Darkroom Theme

Watch this slideshow to see how to customize this theme.

Darkroom: Custom Theme Photos

Upload your own photos for display on the intro page and on each page of your website.

Darkroom: Custom Border/Background Colors

Select custom colors for both your theme border and background.

Darkroom: Unique Theme Photos Per Page

Make your site truly customized by uploading unique Square Theme Photos for display on each page of your website.

Darkroom: Custom Page/Button Names

Personalize your web page names - incorporate multiple languages.
Free Library

Darkroom Theme:

Square Theme Photo Options

Below are all of the Square Theme Photo library options that are available for the theme. You are welcome to select any of these photos for display on your wedding website as they are accessible to all account types. The image on the right indicates where this photo type appears in your website layout. Upgrading to the Sassy Package will allow you to upload your own photos.
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