What's Premium
  • Stunning Responsive Templates

    Choose from any one of our responsive (mobile-friendly) templates and customize your website to match your exact wedding style. You also have the option to select one of our premium non-responsive templates, each of which is customizable.
  • Theme Photos and Colors

    Create a unique experience for your guests by uploading your own photos as full-screen backgrounds for your website. Create an opening slideshow (up to 10 full-screen images) and select a unique background photo for each page. The custom options don't stop there! You can even choose the color of your content area and set your transparency preference so your content displays exactly the way you want it to on your custom backgrounds.
  • Theme Fonts

    Choose from a selection of font options and customize the look of the text on your website with any color under the rainbow.
  • Custom Domains

    For only $19.95/year, you can add a custom domain to your website, but if you choose our Smart or Savvy upgrade options, your custom domain is included with your purchase price.
  • Website Pages and Apps

    Activate up to 40 website pages and/or create up to 20 of your own, enable any of our 9 website apps and add site-wide password protection! Take advantage of both RSVP options - Guest List and Simple RSVP. Guest List RSVP allows you to associate your RSVP events with a guest list so you can control who can access and respond to a particular event. Simple RSVP (our free RSVP option) cannot be associated with a guest list. Instead, your guests can enter their name and email address to RSVP and select a meal choice.
  • Storage

    Your storage increases from 50 MB to 20 GB when you choose Smitten, Smart or Savvy.
  • Share Your Site Contest

    Show off all your hard work by entering your site in our Share Your Site contest for your chance to win a $100 gift card and a 12-month extension of your chosen hosting package.
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