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Want to have a fun and playful RSVP and save money? Create a RSVP postcard, instead of the traditional RSVP Card/Envelope. These will safe money on the postage (Postcard stamps traditionally cost less than the Standard Postage Stamp). Want to make the RSVP’s fun? Use images of animals for the meal selectio... read more
It takes me forever to purchase something, whether it’s a new gadget or a fabulous pair of shoes. It’s not that I am indecisive. I’m just picky about where my money goes, especially during these unstable economic times. I rarely pay full price for anything and I’m always searching for a better deal. I... read more
One of the best things I could have done for myself during this wedding planning process was put together inspiration boards.  Once you pick your color scheme and theme (ours is black and white with a pewter accent) it is so helpful to start gathering ideas.  I went to my local discount bookstore and purcha... read more