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From Left: Ceramic Platters at, "Farther Than Far" Oil Painting by, Hand Blown Glass Cups from Pin It
My husband, Jim, and I are very concerned about the health of our planet and made many eco-friendly choices throughout our wedding planning process. We also wanted our gift registry to reflect our shared environmental values. With a little research we were able to find so many great alternative gift ideas, s... read more
Adrienne and Stephen's Wedding Website
Adrienne and Stephen's is our featured wedding website of the week. We just love the simple elegance and organized presentation of the content on this site — which beautifully reflects the military background of the groom. Congratulations Adrienne and Stephen! Website ... read more
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Wedding Photography… if you ask me, is a must, but wouldn’t it be great to see how an artist would interpret your wedding day on canvas… as it unfolds? A live artist can do that for you in a one-of-a-kind way. The result — a beautiful, romantic keepsake that can hang in your home for decades to come. ... read more
Photo credit: OMC Studios
Photo credit: OMC Studios Pin It
After selecting a date and location for the wedding, one of the next things I listed as a priority was selecting a photographer. This ranked pretty high on my to-do list because after all…this is the person who would create the memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. There are A LOT of photogra... read more
Wedding Location
Photo credit: Claire Corbin Photography Pin It
Picking the Perfect Wedding Location The difference between a good piece of real estate and a great piece of real estate is location. The same could be said for your wedding location. So how do you pick the perfect place while looking for wedding ceremony locations and/or wedding reception locations? To ... read more