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DIY Wedding
DIY Wedding - Wine Stem Decorations What is the one thing that nobody has and if they did, they would always want more of?  WINE STEM CHARMS! This was a very simple and very cheap project to take on as I already had most of the beads. The only thing I had to purchase was the wire from Michaels. There i... read more
Unique Wedding Reception Ideas
Photo credit: Elizabeth Messina Photography Pin It
To Photo Booth or NOT to Photo Booth... That is the question! It seems that more and more couples are opting to rent a photo booth for their wedding reception today. I must say, this is definitely one of my favorite current unique wedding reception trends. What are the benefits of having one, you might ask?... read more
Wedding Planning Accessory Pin It
Picking my wedding date The first big accomplishment with our wedding planning was picking our wedding date and where to have the ceremony. Erik and I became exclusive on July 4th and we didn't want an Independence Day wedding. We considered April 7th to be the big day because it's 7/4 backwards. How... read more

Kristen & Bryan

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Photo credit: Ashley Brockinton Wedding Photography
Photo credit: Ashley Brockinton Photography Pin It
Featured Wedding Photography Today's featured wedding photography is from the wedding of Kristen and Bryan Douglass. The photography experts ironically are a married team of photographers, Ashley & Sam Brockinton. Ashely & Sam provide stunning Contemporary, Unique and Classic style wedding photograph... read more
Annie and Greg's Wedding Website
Annie & Greg's site is our featured wedding website of the week. You definitely get the feeling that this couple has a lot of fun together. The personal photos and rich color palette are very nicely coordinated. Annie and Greg have also done a wonderful job of providing their guests with... read more