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Congratulations! So now you are engaged. Time to hit the gym seven days a week so that you can look flawless in the wedding gown of your dreams right? But wait, lets squeeze that in between planning the reception, picking the cake, choosing the registries, sending the invites....what's a busy girl to do? ... read more

Megan & Jeff

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Photo Credit: One Love Photography
Photo Credit: One Love Photography Pin It
Today we are featuring the work of husband and wife photography duo - Heather and Jon from One Love Photography.  Based out of Seattle, this photography company focuses on creating "uncompromising artistic style" and non-traditional wedding photography.  Heather and Jon shoot with a combination of cameras w... read more
Photo credit: John Li Photography
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Dear Bride, I realize that every bride wants to get everything she wants for her wedding day, and so she should! However, now is the time to think of someone else …. and no, I'm not talking about the groom. It’s time to think about your beautiful bridesmaids, your fellow teammates in the wedding planni... read more