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wedding photography
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Nicole Wickens of Green Door Photography is this week's Macro Monday featured photographer.  Nicole is an award winning photographer who is commissioned for weddings both around the U.S. and internationally.  With over eight years of wedding experience, she has been successful because her clients feel comfo... read more
wedding lighting
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Weddings are romantic - plain and simple. Weddings represent two people becoming one family unit, loving each other, and supporting each other. No matter how you look at it, weddings are filled with love and affection. To create an atmosphere of this romantic day, one of the best things that couples can do is... read more
wedding gown
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Spring has finally spring here in Boston, and while this bit of of warm weather may not last long (we're used to enjoying the good weather while it lasts - as it usually doesn't!).  It's gotten us all in the mood for open sunroofs and open-toed shoes.  Every restaurant with a patio has been packed, and peop... read more
protect wedding jewelry
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You just got engaged!  Your ring is gorgeous!  You show everyone and anyone, even the bank teller.   You admire it while driving your car with the sunlight picking up its sparkle.  Then one day, you look down and see a scratch.  Oh no…that was not there before!  You try polishing out with a polishing... read more