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A Daisy Day

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Daisy inspiration board
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Since Spring is in the air and flowers will be blooming soon, I thought I’d share some inspiration for planning a wedding around your favorite kind of flower. If you’re having trouble deciding on ideas for your wedding, using your favorite flower as a starting point is a simple solution. My all time f... read more
wedding photography
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If you didn’t manage to come up to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, you certainly missed an amazing time! But, if you were lucky enough to come here, there’s a good chance you visited the Jewel of Canada: Stanley Park. Well, aside from this park being stunningly beautiful for just about any outd... read more
wedding registry dinnerware
Bernardaud Dinnerware Collection (Louvre, Naxos) Pin It
Are you preparing to register but don’t know a lick about china? Read on… The search starts with assessing your needs. If you already have an everyday dinnerware set, this is your chance to register for a set of china, maybe even fine china. Choose a formal five-piece setting. There are many options, l... read more
Wedding Color ideas
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After my original pink and green idea was off the table, I was lost with color choices.  I went with my sister, Selena, and her friend to Michael’s Craft store for inspiration and we spent some time in the wedding area, but nothing was jumping out at me. At the time, I was still seeing pink and green. Then... read more
Wedding Centerpieces
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I simply adore small table arrangements for wedding receptions, and this arrangement (shown above) is especially lovely. It was hand crafted by floral artist Megan Grey of Honey and Poppies.  This floral arrangement consists different varieties of flowers all in the same hue and color; it also contains h... read more