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bridesmaid dresses
I was lucky enough to be able to attend the New York Weddings Event again this year, and once again, it did not disappoint. It was definitely interesting being there more as a wedding coordinator, rather than a bride this time, but equally inspiring. Photography/Videography One of the first vendors I s... read more
wedding food
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It’s no secret that the months leading up to your wedding are a great time for a bride to take especially good care of herself.  This care can take many forms – hitting the gym, doing a bit of yoga, and making sure to get enough sleep are all great ways to ensure you reach your big day feeling energi... read more
wedding cupcakes
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Domestic goddess I am not.  In fact, when it comes to decorating any kind of cake (cupcakes included) ... I would rather subject myself to a root canal.  I'm quite sure it would be less painful!  So...when I read about Cupcake Caps in a recent blog post, I was overjoyed.  For those of you who are not fami... read more
bridal party gifts
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Want a unique gift for your bridal party? Why not give them your city (or their city) ... in poster form! There are a bunch of fabulous city-themed posters out there to choose from and OrkPosters, Jennifer Lockwood, Jim Datz and The Heads of State have designed some of my all-time favorites! ... read more