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The Three W’s!

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Wedding Weight Woes! It is no secret!  Every bride is concerned about how she will look on her wedding day.  It is extremely important not to go to extremes trying to 'look your best' on your big day.  Incorporating and maintaining healthy eating habits while you plan your wedding is critical.  D... read more
engagement pictures
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We showed you Part 1 of Dahnya and Fran's engagement photos in last week's post (here).  Today we have part 2! Dahnya and Fran decided to have fun and get a little messy for the second round ... Looks like they had a blast! They even used these fun engagement photos to customize their Wedding ... read more

Wacky Wedding Gowns

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funky wedding gowns
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My little pea-brain isn't capable of coming up with anything brilliant to write about today.  So, I decided to spend a few minutes searching the internet for the most unusual wedding gowns.  Believe me, there is no shortage of material out there...but here are a few of my faves! This lovely frock, designed... read more
wedding bouquet
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Think that green only comes in the form of foliage?  Think again! Dozens of green flowers exist and work perfectly for weddings. Another nice thing about using green blooms, is they pair well with a lot of different colors. (Such as navy blue and lime green--pictured below...) Here is a list of all bl... read more
Photo Credit: Agape Live Love
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The Agape Live Love Giveaway has come to an end.  Now, its time for our favorite part ... announcing the winner! The winner is ALEXIS. The winning comment that was submitted on 10/18/10 and selected in a random drawing is: "Gorgeous gorgeous pieces. I love a good headband!" Alexis will be able t... read more