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Many people think "cutesy" when they think of bows. They can be adorable ... but ... when it comes to weddings, they can also be quite elegant. I shared some gorgeous "bow fashion" in this post recently and today I have more! With bows being a lovely addition to an event, what are some ways to add this sweet ... read more
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As usual, EmersonMade's giveaway has been a huge hit! WedLoft readers have been commenting like crazy to win this shopping spree!  We know you've all been perched on the edge of your seats in anticipation ... so we won't make you wait any longer ... The winner is CHERIE. Congratulations! Her winning ... read more
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You might have seen little brown curls inside bouquets, centerpieces and accenting boutonnieres and wondered what they are. They are known by either of two names: Fiddlehead Fern Curls or Monkey Tail. They are, in fact, a fresh item that is actually considered to be a dark dark burgundy color but basic... read more

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Yipee!  It's Monday ... and that means I get to share another wonderful photographer with you! Tessa is a gal with a big heart, a love for travel and an absolute passion for photography. Based in Atlanta, Georgia Light Love Laughter Photography is Tessa's major endeavor.  She has turned her passion into a f... read more