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Tracy & Matt

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Photo Source • Catherine Guidry Pin It
Tracy and Matt planned an engagement session at the zoo with photographer Catherine Guidry.  Set at the Zoo of Acadiana, this engagement shoot is definitely unique and fits the personality of this couple. Catherine:  Tracy + Matt love to explore the zoos in the cities they visit. They “nerd out” over... read more
This summer has been H.O.T.  Three heat waves, in comparison to our typical one per summer, have already hit us hard.  And it's only the end of July!  Steamy days and humid nights have had us all laying low and trying to stay cool. When I saw this beautifully colored treat  from Mangoes and Palm Trees,... read more
Photo Source • Jasmine Star Pin It
While many couples are going with all kinds of fun color palettes these days, there is still something sweet about classic weddings in white.  Maybe this is your wedding style or maybe you'd prefer one element of your wedding day to be the white highlight.  Either way, white wedding bouquets are always a lo... read more

Morgan & Doug

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We can't resist an engagement a cute shoot in good ol' bean town! ... Especially one that takes place around Fenway Park.  Due to crazy New England weather conditions, Morgan and Doug's shoot with Bethany & Dan Photography was almost called off but they ended up pulling through and got some great photos!... read more