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Tomomi & Benson

author , posted in Engagements
Samantha Ong Photography is here today to share photos from a very sweet engagement shoot at Port Hope in Ontario, Canada. Samantha:  In order to capture the essence of their relationship, we ventured over to Port Hope, a small town in Ontario, Canada where we could enjoy mother nature without any light p... read more

Brittany & Daniel

author , posted in Weddings
Photo Source • Your Story By Us Pin It
Wes and Liz Weber from Your Story by Us recently sent us photos from Brittany and Daniel's wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida.  This purple wedding carried the color palette through from ceremony to reception with lots of beautiful details. Wes & Liz:  Brittany & Dan's wedding was modern with a v... read more

Pretty Palettes #64

author , posted in Theme & Color Inspiration
Lately I've been obsessed with gray... in every shade.  I love it used in everything from fashion to home decor.  Even weddings!  Gray has a way of making anything look fresh and modern. I recently saw this room makeover on Emily Henderson's blog and was quite smitten!  (Those plaid chairs are what rea... read more

Ring Bearers with Style

author , posted in Fashion
Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the most fashionable and darling little dudes you've ever seen.  Little ones in a wedding party are always adorable.  If you're having a ring bearer take part in your wedding ceremony, carefully planning the attire is crucial.  Select an ensemble that fits the style ... read more

Bridal Hair: Braids

author , posted in Beauty
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I love braided hairstyles!  In this week's bridal hair post I've rounded up some of my favorite looks for wedding braids.  Some are tight and neat while others are more free.  In either case, bridal braids are a hot trend that I don't see fading anytime soon.  They can be worked into any wedding style. ... read more