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If you talk to any engaged or married couple, figuring out a budget for the wedding is one of the most difficult tasks. Determining how much to spend and who will pay for what is tough cookies! Mr. B. and I took quite a while to figure out what we would be comfortable with and how to distribute that total amo... read more
If you have a little bit extra to spare in your wedding budget, it's always nice to provide favors for your guests.  Offering wedding favors is a way to thank your friends and family for providing love and support on your wedding day.  And doing this doesn't have to break the bank!  There are plenty of fav... read more

Honeymoons in the Med

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One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is getting to choose a honeymoon location!  After all of the hard work, long hours and emotions that go into your wedding day... your honeymoon is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy time together as newly weds.  It's a special time that you'll always hold ... read more