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Hao & Nick

author , posted in Engagements
Romantic sunlight, a feather pillow fight and... dinosaurs!?  Hao and Nick's anniversary shoot is sweet, silly and totally them!  These lovely photos were taken by Myrian Peery Photography... Myrian: This beautiful anniversary photo session was so much fun. A beautiful set up, gorgeous light, and an awe... read more

Liz & Kevin

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Today is a super exciting day.  In the 5 years since Wedloft was born and through hundreds of engagement features... this is the very first time we are featuring an engagement shoot that includes a prize winning Ox!  We thought this day would never come! (hehe) Jackie from J. Harper Photography is here... read more

Jenny & Scott

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With all the snow we've gotten around Boston this winter, I'm definitely looking forward to the warm weather and pretty flowers of Spring!  This Spring engagement shoot by Katie from Dreamlove Photography was just the kinds of beautiful inspiration I needed today! Katie: Jenny and Scott’s spring engag... read more