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Kristina & David

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Katie from Kathleen Geiberger Art is joining us today to share her photos from Kristina and David's handmade wedding.  Their touching story and unmistakeable happiness have our hearts bursting... Katie:  Kristina, Dave, and their families were dealt a difficult hand.. Kristina was diagnosed with a brai... read more
Photo Source • A Subtle Revelry Pin It
These honeycomb decorations make up some playful wedding colors!  Peach and teal wedding colors could be used in so many different ways... in wedding party attire, invitations floral design.  I'm especially loving the honeycombs, though. They can add a playful pop of color to any event or even home deco... read more

Tiffany & Thomas

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This wedding was an intimate celebration that was full of love.  With their parents as witnesses, Tiffany and Thomas said "I do" in a special ceremony in South Carolina.  Amanda Nicole Miller-Photographer photographed the day... Amanda:  They originally wanted to have an elopement. They simply wanted ... read more

Etiquette Emergency: 7/24/14

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{Top Image via Nikki Meyer Photography} Guest List Standby Q.  Is it appropriate to have fill-ins for your guest list?  We can only fit a certain number of guests at our venue.  As we receive rsvp regrets, is it ok to send an invitation to guests who didn’t make the initial cut?  Our fear is that th... read more

5 DIY Card Tutorials!

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DIY Cards are a whole bunch of fun.  Maybe you don't want to give a store bought card with your wedding gift or maybe you have an extra special thank you you'd like to send?  Making your own is the best way to give a card that is totally unique! I know what you're thinking when I say to make your own car... read more