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Wedding Cupcakes as an Alternative While traditional wedding cakes are still found at many weddings today, more recently, I’ve found the trend to be shifting towards the world of cupcakes. They’re cute, fun and can also, depending on venue, help with those cake cutting fees! Cupcakes have beco... read more
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After selecting a date and location for the wedding, one of the next things I listed as a priority was selecting a photographer. This ranked pretty high on my to-do list because after all…this is the person who would create the memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. There are A LOT of photogra... read more
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Three hundred names. Five different categories. After several attempts at trying to finalize our guest list through a normal spreadsheet database, I needed something simple - something that I could access in an organized manner where I could sort by category and be provided with customizable reports. I began ... read more
Photo credit: Rice Hotel, Houston, TX
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Out of all things that have happened during my wedding planning experience so far, I have found the most stressful to be – setting a date. There are so many things to consider in addition to you and your fiancée’s schedules. Being from the city of Houston, with a heat index in the 100’s during the su... read more