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Wedding Ring Rash Blues

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You find the ring of your dreams. It's a perfect fit. You know that it is the ring that is meant to be yours. While you may feel like it's a blissful union, your skin might respond otherwise. Wedding ring rash is far too common and can give any bride a case of the wedding blues. What is wedding ring rash? ... read more
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While traditional cameos are still prevalent, many don't realize how much the technique and technology has evolved. The new face of the modern cameo is even more exciting. Technique While traditional cameos are still important parts of history, the technique has evolved. Modern cameos rely on a more com... read more

The Cabochon Cut

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Warm weather is here and pops of color are everywhere! If you are looking for an engagement ring with that pop of color or you are dreaming of the perfect spring themed wedding, then you need to know about the cabochon cut.  They are a tad more muted but very rich in color, a sophisticated choice and clas... read more

Cameo Jewelry

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Cameo jewelry is definitely not making a cameo role in the wedding scene. Queen Victoria prized the jewelry, and it's definitely en vogue. Plus, a Victorian themed wedding can be inspirational and fun to incorporate into DIY projects. Who doesn't love elegant lace accents, beads and feathers? Martha Stewart W... read more

Emerald Green With Envy

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Saint Patrick's day might be over but green is still in.  Everything from the popularity of the blockbuster hit Oz: The Great and Powerful and Pantone proclaiming emerald the color of the year to the color popping up in fashion and design everywhere is definitely making people green with envy. Emerald Eng... read more