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Etiquette Emergency 9/12/13

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MINDING ONE’S FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW Q: My future mother-in-law seems to have something to say about every decision I make about the wedding. She is driving me bonkers and she is not even paying for the wedding!! How can I get her to cease and desist? A: Everyone wants to feel included and valued on this ... read more

Etiquette Emergency 8/15/13

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MOTHER OF THE BRIDE ATTIRE Q: I am terrified of what my mother will wear to the wedding. I love her very much, but she still thinks she can fit into a size 4 and pull off a style designed for a much younger woman. How can I help her to find something more refined? A: Plan a special day just for the two of... read more

Wedding Etiquette 2/26/13

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Wedding Announcements Q:  What is the best way to announce a wedding? My husband and I were married last month in a private ceremony.  We now want to send announcements that we have been married, just as you would to announce a birth. I am having difficulty finding anything as such, please advise. A: Con... read more
orange wedding invitation
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Q: I am in a predicament about how to word the following thought on a wedding invitation. My fiancée and I are not in need of the usual home wares, linens, etc. that people usually list on the wedding registry. We would prefer to receive monetary gifts in lieu of the usual barrage of house wares that wou... read more
engagement announcements
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Q: My fiancé and I were engaged recently. We are ecstatic and excited to let the whole world know. I am told there is a time frame to consider if and when announcing the engagement in the newspaper. We are planning a wedding for Valentine's Day in two years. When can we announce our engagement? A: Con... read more