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Bridal Registry
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The Overwhelming Wedding Bridal Registry I experienced serious bridal registry anxiety...Why? Because, I was moving into a new home with my husband and I had no idea what we actually needed, I was concerned about the guests and what stores would be readily accessible to them (considering that a good portion ... read more
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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas If you are a non-traditional bride, like myself, and you are looking for bachelorette party option other than drinking until you pass out and sweaty strippers dancing around you all night for your bachelorette party, you really should consider an old fashioned slumber party wi... read more
One of the best things I could have done for myself during this wedding planning process was put together inspiration boards.  Once you pick your color scheme and theme (ours is black and white with a pewter accent) it is so helpful to start gathering ideas.  I went to my local discount bookstore and purcha... read more