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Darling Donuts

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alternative wedding desserts
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Donuts have always been my favorite sweet treat and when I saw these photos of these absolutely darling donuts at wedding receptions, I just had to share them with you... You can't deny that these cake donuts dusted with sugar, perched on top of these after dinner coffee shooters are just absolutel... read more
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Ice Cream vs. Sorbet... the age old question.  Ice Cream appears to have won this overwhelming debate recently, but we should all give sorbet a second thought! Sorbet refreshers at a wedding reception seem to have been forgotten lately. As a guest at a wedding, offered a sweet sorbet by the bride and ... read more
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I absolutely adore magnolia's... I have always loved this simple flower. The idea of using magnolias as place-cards in a garden wedding enticed me to find what brides and grooms are doing today with magnolia's ... and I was completely impressed! This beautiful arrangement was designed by the extremely ... read more
cotton wedding details
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One would probably never look at cotton as a classy touch to a wedding, but I heart the south (as you already know) and I love the idea of using subtle touches of cotton on your wedding day. There are so many different ways in which you can use cotton as a part of your wedding day decor... in your ... read more


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live ceremony music
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Looking to add a classic touch to your wedding? A trio or a string quartet is the perfect solution to add a touch of class to your wedding. Having string musicians play during your walk down the aisle or cocktail hour is certainly an elegant way to go. Having a live trio or string quartet is a ... read more