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diy valentine
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Here is another DIY Valentine post to inspire you for next week's holiday! This idea from Design Sponge is an oldie but goodie! If you are planning on a low key Valentine's Day this is a great idea!  A DIY Valentine Kit! Box up a bottle of wine, small glasses, sweet treats, tea lights and tissue paper... read more
DIY crayon heart tutorial
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Often while planning a wedding... the budget is tight and other celebrations or traditions are pushed aside because you are all-consumed with the plans for your big day.  Of course! There is so much to do and think about for your wedding. However, sometimes it can be good to take a step back and remember wha... read more
diy photo wedding favors
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Photojojo is one of my favorite resources for finding fun and creative ideas for photos. They have so many funky gadgets and ideas for displaying your everyday photos... From digital instant cameras and lenses for iPhones to chalkboard bubbles and vinyl decals... I'm never disappointed with the goodies they h... read more
diy wedding map theme
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Whether you're getting married around the holidays or not, ornaments make wonderful wedding favors... And (surprise, surprise) they are also super fun to DIY! Today's DIY roundup is a list of 12 easy to make ornaments. 1. Map Kissing Ball Ornament - This would be a great favor to go along with a map the... read more
Photo Credit:  Brandi Deziel
Photo Credit: Brandi Deziel Pin It
I once read in a magazine that all guests really want is a favor they can eat, and, after a moment of picturing my Great Aunt holding a shot glass with "Bottoms up!  Jay and Renee  July 2010" engraved on it, I realized that that was pretty good advice. I did a web search and quickly found out that ... read more