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wedding cake
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Wedding Cakes are very important. The wedding cake is probably the most beloved wedding item that guests, family and the bride and groom will look forward to ... and I completely agree! The wedding cake sets the tone for the whole reception and is one of the most paid for single food items while also acti... read more
creative wedding cake
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Creative Traditional Wedding Cakes I love that brides and grooms are getting really creative with their wedding reception dessert choices these days. Some couples are even opting to serve cupcakes, pies, cookies, candy or other sweets instead of a traditional wedding cake. But if you, like many, still wish t... read more
Custom Wedding Cake Toppers
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Unique and Custom Wedding Cake Toppers Make a Comeback The wedding cake topper was dominant in U.S. weddings in the 1950s and represented togetherness, according to Wikipedia. It seems as though their popularity has dropped off in recent decades, with couples opting instead for decorative cakes using flowers... read more
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Custom and Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas I love the idea of having a custom wedding cake topper that expresses each of your unique personalities. Plus your topper will also serve as a treasured memento of your wedding day. I found all of this week's handmade finds by searching for "wedding cake topper" ... read more
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Wedding Cupcakes as an Alternative While traditional wedding cakes are still found at many weddings today, more recently, I’ve found the trend to be shifting towards the world of cupcakes. They’re cute, fun and can also, depending on venue, help with those cake cutting fees! Cupcakes have beco... read more