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Choosing a wedding location is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process.  the location of a wedding sets the mood for the whole day. Will your wedding be a beach wedding, a country club wedding or a destination wedding? Nowadays, couples try to think about wedding locations in new a... read more
wedding locations
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If you have been reading my posts for awhile, then you are all too familiar with the notion that I love a beautifully unconventional wedding.  When I saw these pics, they instantly peeked my interest and I could envision the wedding taking place at each of these places. This little beauty really took ... read more
New Hampshire Weddings
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// We recently came across a lovely wedding venue that is perfect for New Hampshire Weddings!  Stonehurst Manor is the perfect place for couples looking to marry in an area with beautiful views, luxury accommodations and exquisite dining! Stonehurst Manor offers a number of different ceremony and rece... read more
bachelorette ideas
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Rather than doing one big night out, it is becoming more and more popular for ladies to go on a little retreat for their bachelorette party.  Taking a trip for some fun, relaxation and pampering with your best gals ... sounds great to me! Banff Lake Louise is a fabulous location for all of the above! ... read more
wedding tents
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Some people like them, other people can do without. I happen to absolutely love them! ... I'm talking about the use of tents for an outdoor wedding reception. Transform the space under your tent to become anything you want! You can incorporate beautiful outdoor seating complete with two end tables and ... read more