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I just came across one of the most incredible wedding venues EVER and had to write a blog post about it!  It truly needs no words...but here is a brief history anyway.  Built in 1951, the Wayfarers Chapel is spectacularly perched on a hillside in Rancho Palos Verdes, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean... read more
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It is a busy wedding season here in Boston, as I was reminded recently when chatting with the wonderful man at Boston Harbor Hotel who helped make our wedding so special.  Between his Thursday afternoon and Monday morning he had three weddings to attend to - three!  Yikes.  But the good news about that (as... read more
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So I was flipping through "the knot" magazine (Florida, Spring/Summer 2010), and within the first few pages, there was a double truck advertisement of a groom cradling his bride in his arms in the middle of a massive pool. It caught my attention, so I began examining the details. As I looked closer, I realize... read more
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Important Elements of an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony I live in the midwest in the Kansas City area. The area is known for its unpredictable weather. Kansas City also is in tornado alley and we get our fair share of severe weather during the months of April, May and June. So why am I taking such a huge risk by h... read more

Your Own Unique Ceremony

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Everyone knows your wedding should be your own unique ceremony but how do you balance non-traditional with respectful? Let’s work through the issues faced by unique ceremonies. If you’re looking for advice concerning any non-traditional aspect of your wedding day, this is the place to get a tasteful opi... read more