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For the Home: Fun Tea Towels

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As a mini break from weddings, today I'm sharing some fun items for everyday life!  When buying items for your home, wherever it may be, it's important to keep yourself surrounded by things that make you happy.  Even items as simple as tea towels! Whether you're in need of a kitchen refresh or are in sea... read more
Photo Source • Michelle Cangemi, WedLoft Pin It
I love photographs in all sizes shapes and forms.  I'm always snapping pics on my phone, have an obsession with Instagram and often have my DSLR by my side.  In this digital world it has become very important to me to have prints of my favorite photos... So when John from InstaThis recently reached out to m... read more
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Today we have the experts at Cuisinart with us to offer some great options to add to your wedding registry along with some delicious recipes you can make with each product.  When I saw these recipes I wanted to run to the kitchen and whip them up immediately... They all sound so yummy!  Starting your first ... read more
Just about every couple includes one or two very expensive items on their registry. But when it comes down to what you really need to start your life as newly-weds, often the most important items are those that are less pricey and used everyday. When you create your wedding registry, it’s good to include so... read more