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There comes a time in everyone's life, whether it's one year or three, when it seems like everyone you know is getting married.  When, one by one, your friends get hitched!  Along with these many happy engagements come event after event to celebrate, each one requiring a gift for the couple. Personally, ... read more
Spring is in the air... and all over Etsy!  Once the warm weather hits here in New England, folks everywhere start to come out of the woodwork.  There are people out running, walking their dogs and (of course) tending their gardens. In this Etsy Eye Candy post I'm rounding up some of my favorite Etsy gar... read more
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Hello my loves!  Happy V-Day!  Since this is a day dedicated to love, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some items that highlight (that's right!) the HEART!  There is certainly no shortage of handmade items that are heart related... and yet, I never tire of seeing this sweet little shape popp... read more