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We’re excited today to introduce you to Sweet Memory Albums, a great resource for creating your own flush-mount wedding album! The great thing about Sweet Memory Albums is that they offer three different design options for creating albums. Couples can choose between designing an album completely on thei... read more
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Why would a guide discuss DON’Ts rather than DOs? Because a list of what shouldn’t be done immediately defines boundaries – warning us of the inhospitable, keeping us away from edges of cliffs. Since the writing of wedding vows is uncharted territory to many, below is the gist of DON’Ts for couples wi... read more
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Today we have a wonderful guest blogger joining us with tips on planning a "Glamping" bachelorette weekend.  Laura Hughes, from Polestars, is an expert in planning pre-wedding parties and events.  We are so excited to introduce Laura to WedLoft readers!  Her tips for a planning a Glamping (glamorous campin... read more