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Shrimp Ceviche
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As I mentioned in a previous Wed Loft post about multicultural weddings, serving traditional food and drink is an easy way to honor culture and family at your wedding.  With our ever growing community of global caterers and restaurants, modern multicultural couples have a wide variety of reception options fr... read more
branch wedding centerpieces
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Branches are an awesome addition to weddings held any time of the year. They are versatile and textural and come in many shapes, colors and sizes. From birch branches and curly willow branches to flowering branches and manzanita, there is no end to the ways you can branch out at your wedding... Birch B... read more
wedding milk and cookies
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When you hear the words milk and cookies, you instantly think of all things comforting, loving, and supportive.  Am I right? Milk and cookies are the ultimate comfort food ... what you ate as a child when your grandparents wanted to give you a special treat or what young children leave out for Santa on C... read more
Photo credit: Tasty Diaries
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Did you ever think of making a wedding color palette from something as trivial as food? Normally, I wouldn't go for this kind of decision-making strategies, however there are times when these irrational decisions work out for the best. Case in Point: tomato soup with basil. Who would ever think a coupl... read more

The Chuppah

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wedding chuppah
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Incorporating traditional elements into your wedding day is a very important decision for every bride and groom to make.  How much? How little?  Which elements?  There are many questions to ponder when you're planning your wedding. I, for one, am not for a lot of traditional elements. In fact, I think m... read more