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Photo Credit: HeyGorg.com
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Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your wedding. I love when couples get creative and use lighting techniques that are rather uncommon. Lights can brighten up your venue or give your event a cozy romantic feel. As you might remember, one of my favorite ways to achieve intimate lighting is by using st... read more
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Weddings are romantic - plain and simple. Weddings represent two people becoming one family unit, loving each other, and supporting each other. No matter how you look at it, weddings are filled with love and affection. To create an atmosphere of this romantic day, one of the best things that couples can do is... read more
Photo Credit: IdisFieldsGoneGreen.com
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Over the past 24 months, there has been an explosion in the  popularity of uplighting  at weddings & upscale events. It wasn't that long ago when it required a considerable amount of money, lots of electricity, a specialty lighting company & many hours of preparation to light an event facility. It ... read more