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engagement shoot tips
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It is that time of year again. Couples are getting excited that their big day is just months away. It is also time to make sure you have those great engagement photos done. Your engagement session is a very important time in your wedding process for a few reasons. 1) It allows you to take a break from a... read more
wedding umbrellas
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So many engaged couples are fixated on the weather channel at least two weeks prior to their big day trying to determine what the weather forecast will be on the day of their wedding. Some advice I can offer you (because we were that couple and it did rain the morning of our wedding … we live in Seattle!... read more
nature engagement shoot
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So you finally found your photographer, and you’re so excited to start working with them and getting some stellar images, but you’re thinking: Engagement photos? Yet another thing I have to figure out! Fear not, this everything E-shoot guide will have you feeling excited and relaxed. This whole process is... read more
wedding receiving line
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Q: My finance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves. We are debating having a receiving line. If we do, who should be part of it? Should our parents be included? A: The receiving line is two fold. The first purpose is for those hosting the wedding to welcome the guests to the reception. The s... read more
wedding etiquette
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Q: My parents have been divorced for over 10 years now, I have become really close with my step father, he's basically been my father since I can remember. I am now getting married in June to the man of my dreams, my mother and step father are paying for the entire wedding, yet my real father wants the gl... read more