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  • Why Have a Site
Why Have A Wedding Site?
  • 1. Share Wedding Information Easily - You don't have to be a tech expert to build a Wedding Window wedding website! Our easy-to-use site editor will allow you to share all your wedding information in one place! Simply update your website with information as it becomes available. Only activate the pages you need and deactivate the others while you add your page content. Then, once you are ready to share your site with your guests, use our customizable "Save-the-Date" eCards to announce your wedding date and your wedding website, so they can stay up-to-date with your wedding plans. Your guests (and your parents) will thank you for making it so easy for them stay informed.
  • 2. Save Time and Money! - If you take advantage of our online RSVP tool, your wedding website will not only save you planning time, but it can also save you a significant amount of money. If you pre-pay for the return of your RSVP cards, 100 stamps will cost you approximately $44.00 and that does not include the cost of the cards themselves. If you factor in the cost to purchase physical RSVP cards, you are looking at a total cost of about $400-$700 to accept RSVP cards from your guests. In addition to the cost savings associated with online RSVPs, if you accept your RSVPs online, all of your RSVP responses will be stored right in Your Site Center for easy management and/or download. In most cases, it is still a good idea to send out RSVP cards to any guests who might not be as tech-savvy, but for the most part, accepting RSVPs online makes the process easier and less expensive for everyone.
  • 3. Reduce Your Impact on Our Earth - We can all appreciate the need to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and when it comes to planning your wedding, green options are everywhere these days. A wedding website can certainly help you achieve a goal to be green by allowing you to communicate with your guests electronically. No need for multiple mailings that not only cost money, but also contribute to a significant amount of paper waste. By allowing your wedding website to serve as the hub for your wedding, you will be able to direct everyone to one eco-friendly online location.
  • 4. Focus On What's Most Important - Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time and effort. So rather than spend your time fielding questions from your guests, allow your wedding website to do the work of communicating all of your wedding plans for you. Instead, allow yourself to remain focused on what's most important... planning your wedding!
  • 5. Manage All of Your Wedding Details in One Place - Physical wedding binders are a thing of the past. Today, all of your wedding information can be stored and organized in one place. Our Planning Tools will allow you to track your budget, manage your guests and your checklist items, store your RSVP responses and much more, while your website allows you to share helpful planning information with your guests. Put everything online and make it easier on yourself and the environment!
  • 6. Provide Your Guests with Travel Suggestions - If you are planning a destination wedding or inviting several out-of-town guests, you will likely need to assist them with their travel plans by providing them with accommodation ideas and local activity information. A wedding website will allow you to share helpful travel information and link directly to the reservation pages of each accommodation location, which will make it that much easier for your guest to make their travel arrangements.
  • 7. Create Something Unique to You - Every couple is special and unique. Each aspect of your wedding should reflect your particular style as a couple. Wedding websites are generally one of the first aspects of your wedding that your guests will see. When they visit your site, they should be able to immediately get a sense of your personality as a couple and your wedding style through color, imagery, etc. Customizing your site and adding your own personal elements will allow your guests to connect with who you are together.
  • 8. Allow Guests To Learn More About You - Even though some of your guests will know both the bride and the groom, several may only know one or the other. A wedding website will allow you to share a bit about yourselves and how you met. You will also have the opportunity to let the groom shine by sharing the story of how he proposed. Pictures speak a thousand words... so allow your guests to really get to know you as a couple before your wedding day by allowing them to view slideshows of your relationship photos.
  • 9. Communicate Easily with Your Bridal Party - Oftentimes, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are not in close proximity to each other. By including password protected "For Bridesmaids" or "For Groomsmen" pages on your website, you will have the opportunity to privately exchange information with your bridal party — share thoughts, ideas, planning details and more.
  • 10. Accept Messages from your Guests - Your guests will certainly want to share their excitement about your wedding with you before the big day. The Guestbook page on your website is designed to allow your guests to easily submit their messages. Reading their thoughts and well wishes will not only keep you inspired during the planning process, but it will also keep you smiling for years to come.
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